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Avoid holiday break-ins

By Kristy Alpert 11.19.13

Although a big part of the holiday season centers around letting your guard down when it comes to indulging in decadent treats and accepting lavish gifts from friends and loved ones, it’s also a time to tighten your security measures to avoid holiday break-ins.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that each year roughly 400,000 homes across the United States are burglarized during the months of November and December. In order to keep your holiday season jolly and your belongings safe, here are a few simple steps you can take to protect your home and avoid holiday break-ins.

  • Mum’s the word. If you plan to leave town, don’t announce it online (Facebook, Twitter, geotags, etc.), and put one trustworthy neighbor in charge of gathering your trash, newspapers, and more. For a wake-up call on how easy social-media-savvy burglars have it, check out
  • Plain sight, burglar’s delight. Just like you wouldn’t leave your iPad in your front seat while you’re out, avoid creating enticing Tiffany’s-worthy window displays and keep your home valuables off of exhibition.
  • Take control. While locking your doors and windows goes a long way, investing in a quality alarm system gives you the upper hand on securing your valuables. For the ultimate in control, check out the app and system, where you can remotely video monitor your home.
  • Survey your own scene. No matter how careful you are, anyone can become the victim of holiday break-ins. Prepare for the worst by creating an inventory of your belongings (with photos) so that you can easily report any losses to your insurance agent.