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Don’t Let an Earthquake Shake Your Confidence

By Jen Alexander 11.30.15

Earthquakes were once considered a problem in “other states,” but their increasingly frequent occurrence right here in Texas has made them an issue in our own backyard. Preparing for an earthquake and being ready to deal with the aftermath don’t have to be daunting. We’ll help you make sure you have the right tools to find yourself on steady ground.

Earthquake preparedness begins with knowledge. If you live in an area where earthquakes have occurred — or even if you don’t, but you want to be ready just in case — gather the right supplies to create an emergency kit. is a great resource for selecting items you’ll need in the event of any emergency, including earthquakes.

During an earthquake, disaster experts recommend individuals drop, cover, and hold. Do this by taking cover in a low spot, preferably under a sturdy table or bench to avoid being hit by falling objects, and stay there until the shaking stops; if in bed, stay there and cover your head with a pillow.

While not everything escapes damage from an earthquake, homeowners and renters can do a number of things to minimize damage or loss of property and vehicles. Inside your home, take an inventory of items that could easily fall or be otherwise damaged by excessive movement. Make sure these items are as secure as possible. For example, hang artwork and mirrors with hooks and/or wiring that’s appropriate for their size and weight, and keep flammable products stored away from heat sources.

If you live in an area where earthquakes have occurred or may occur, contact your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent for help ensuring you’re covered.

Did You Know? More than 100 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater have occurred in Texas since 1847, according to the Texas State Historical Association. The largest known earthquake in Texas occurred on Aug. 16, 1931, near the town of Valentine in Jeff Davis County. It was felt across approximately 400,000 square miles.

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