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Insure More Than Your Auto and Home

By Paula Felps 3.17.14

It’s important to insure our homes from things like storm damage and fire, and these days, we wouldn’t think of driving a car without proper insurance. But consumers often forget about other types of insurance that’s available to make the bumps in life’s road just a little bit smoother.

“One thing we hear a lot is that people don’t realize we sell life insurance,” says Rick McKay, agency manager for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance in Karnes County, adding that life insurance is something that every adult should have. “In fact, we have a full line of products that people are surprised to learn about,” he says.

In addition to life insurance, adults should consider long-term care insurance, which is designed to pay for in-home services and assisted living care as people face age-related health problems that might otherwise land them in a nursing home.

Tom Darling, agency manager for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance in Bexar County, says most people want to stay in their home as they get older. “Long-term care allows them to get assistance in their home, so they don’t have to go into assisted living or a nursing home. That’s really important.”

One more type of insurance to consider is renters’ insurance, which is advised for anyone who doesn’t own their own home.

“No matter how responsible you are, you can’t control the person next door,” says Lance Bond, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance in Brownwood. “It’s so inexpensive – especially when compared to the cost of replacing everything you own.”

*Coverage and discounts are subject to qualifications and policy terms, and may vary by situation.