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Guide to Optional Farm and Ranch Insurance in Texas

By Emily C. Laskowski 11.10.21

Your land is your life. While there are comprehensive farm and ranch policies that cover most situations, these optional farm and ranch insurance add-ons will protect every acre of your livelihood. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Lisa Evans-Masters explains your options and the liabilities they can cover.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

The Texas AgAdvantage® farm and ranch policy is the most comprehensive coverage on the market. “These are designed to fit the insured,” Evans-Masters says. “We can put the home, equipment, trailers, barns, and ATVs on these policies. There are also different types of liability the customer may need.”

Depending on the situation, some coverage could be added as needed — and with TAA policies, there are plenty of additional options.

Animal Collision

“If you have livestock and a fence is down, livestock may get out,” Evans-Masters explains. “If they get down on the road and somebody hits them or has a wreck, this will help cover liability.” In Texas, Evans-Masters adds, this type of scenario is not unheard of. In fact, it’s a very real possibility, so it’s worth considering the additional coverage.

Employer’s Liability

“If you have a farm business on your property and you have employees, that’s what this liability is for,” Evans-Masters says. An employer’s liability coverage is meant for any farm business that operates a payroll and needs to consider its employees, their actions, the liabilities they represent, and the property itself.

Boat Liability

Boat liability coverage can be added to a farm policy or regular property insurance policy to cover situations in which something happens to a passenger or employee on your boat. Your Agent will know the best way to structure additional insurance to protect you in these situations.

Personal Liability

“Say somebody’s walking across your front yard — you left a rake out there, they trip over it, and they sue you,” Evans-Masters says. “Or someone comes out to your house to visit you and they fall down the stairs because they say the railing was loose. There are so many scenarios like that.” That’s where personal liability coverage comes in.

Other Factors

Multiple farm locations — as well as factors like usage and exposure — could be reasons to consider additional coverage. For example, if you have land in one place and some acreage in another, you might put liability for both on the same policy.

Whatever the factor, it’s important to consider every acre and situation when planning optional farm and ranch insurance coverage for your land. After all, it’s your livelihood. Contact your local Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent to talk about your options.

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