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Everything You Need to Know About Insuring Your Ranch

By Peter Simek 5.21.18

Working farmers have more than enough on their mind without having to worry if their property, livelihood, and everything that goes into maintaining their ranch is properly insured. That’s why Texas Farm Bureau Insurance offers Texas farmers one of the best insurance products on the market: the Texas AgAdvantage plan.

Protecting the Land

Homeowners liability coverage under Texas AgAdvantage can extend to a farmer’s land — even if the home isn’t located on their ranch or farm. Retired farmers can also enjoy homeowners and land liability coverage if they are still associated with their farming practice.

Covering Your Bases

Lewis Richburg, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance agency manager in Hereford in the Panhandle, says Texas AgAdvantage offers farmers a way to save by taking care of most of their insurance needs and packaging all these services into one product.

“Everything is going to be on this policy,” Richburg says. That includes most of a farmer’s or rancher’s equipment.

Managing Your Liability

Because Texas AgAdvantage covers most of a farmer’s business, Richburg says it is important for farmers to make sure their liability limits are sufficient. This may not be too complicated when it comes to a home, but with expensive farm machinery, such as cotton bale harvesters and combines, farmers should make sure they have correct coverages.

“For equipment, you have to have good values to make sure they are covered correctly,” Richburg says. “The homeowner needs to make sure houses are covered correctly with liability limits and deductibles in place.”

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