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Texas Farm Bureau Scholarships and Youth Opportunities

By Abi Grise 9.6.19

If you’ve got a teenager on your hands, you probably have college on the brain. And you might have noticed that both acceptance standards and tuition costs have risen exponentially since you were wearing a letterman jacket.

Luckily, as a Texas Farm Bureau member, your scholar can apply for member-exclusive scholarships and register for leadership-building opportunities that can add the shine of exceptionality to any resume.


Texas Farm Bureau awards Texan scholars with more than $200,000 annually. Students with an interest in agriculture are especially rewarded for their academic and extracurricular excellence. That rings true particularly for the recipient of the S.M. True Jr. Agricultural Scholar Award, who will receive $20,000 toward their higher education.

Scholarships are also available for up-and-coming agricultural-science teachers. Four students can receive the $2,500 Texas Farm Bureau Student Teaching Award to fund a semester of off-campus student teaching.

Youth Leadership Conference

Texas Farm Bureau invites select teens from across the state to attend this extraordinary event dedicated to developing our state’s next influential leaders. Over three days, participants will learn the value of patriotism, responsibility, and leadership, as well as engage in an honest look at their ideas, attributes, and abilities. Students study the constitution in depth and develop an understanding of how free enterprise truly works in our country. View last year’s brochure here.

Free Enterprise Speech Contest

Any young Texas Farm Bureau member who has already attended the Youth Leadership Conference detailed above is eligible to participate in the Free Enterprise Speech Contest. This is their opportunity to share with their friends, family, and community at large what they learned at the conference about the constitutional government and our country’s free enterprise system.

In today’s workforce, public speaking is an especially powerful tool to harness. Practice can make students more confident to speak up in college courses, in job interviews, and throughout their desired career.

Texas’ rising star students have more opportunities to shine as members of the Texas Farm Bureau family. And there are plenty of other benefits for Texas families too. Did your teen just pass their driver’s test? Check out these vehicle discounts. Or save big on your hotel stay on your college-visit road trips.

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