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FAQ: How to Insure Your New RV

By Abi Grise Morgan 6.3.21

It likely won’t surprise you that RV sales hit record highs last summer. Quarantine, remote work, and social distancing had many Texans spending the majority of their time at home, pining for adventure. If you’re one of the happy campers anticipating or celebrating the purchase of an RV, you probably have 101 questions about Texas RV insurance.

A.J. Hall, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Brownwood, has helped numerous policyholders navigate changes and additions to their coverage with the purchase of an RV. We asked for his advice.

Q: What coverage do I need for an RV in Texas?
A: Legally, you’re only required to have liability coverage, the same as any other road vehicle. Very few people stop there; you’ll also want comprehensive and collision coverage. If there’s a hailstorm or an animal runs out into the road, you’ll want your vehicle to be covered for that.

Q: Is my property included in my policy?
A: If you’re living in your RV full time, we can include property insurance to protect you against theft and loss. This is rolled into your RV policy. You may want to replace things like a broken minifridge yourself instead of filing a claim, if you know the repair won’t reach the deductible. Now, if lightning strikes your RV and shorts everything out, you’re going to want to file.

Q: Is my RV protected across state lines? How about in Mexico and Canada?
A: You’re protected in every one of the United States and throughout Canada. There’s a 25-mile limit into Mexico — I tell my policyholders to stop at 20 miles, just to be safe.

Q: What affects my premium?
A: Mostly, the value of the RV. Also, how you use it. Taking five trips a year is very different than living inside of your RV. Your level of RV-driving experience isn’t a factor. However, if your driving record is rough — tickets, violations — that can affect your premium. So, drive safe!

Q: Does my RV policy cover a car in-tow?
A: Your RV policy doesn’t cover a car towed behind an RV. Make sure your vehicle policy is up to date before you tow it. That’s the policy that will cover damage to that vehicle.

Q: Do you inspect RVs before insuring them?
A: I inspect everything I insure. I encourage policyholders to do the same. Be sure to inspect the paint and body of your RV, especially if you’re buying an RV after a “hail sale.”

Q: What do you wish every RV owner knew about insurance coverage?
A: It’s surprisingly cheap! Call your Agent before making your purchase to get a ballpark estimate. Tell them how you plan to use it. You might be surprised at the affordability.

If the open road is calling you, contact your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent today to create an RV policy designed for the adventures ahead.

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