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Do-It-Yourself Hostess Gifts With Wow Factor

By Georgia Fisher 3.22.17

Never required but always appreciated,  do-it-yourself hostess gifts have their own sort of flourish. It’s a sweet gesture that doesn’t seem overwhelming — a great way to delight even the best hosts among us. So unroll your craft paper, if you will, and read on for four do-it-yourself ideas for hostess gifts that are sure to delight.

Chalk it Up

Chalkboard serving platters like this one in a video tutorial from Shanty2Chic, are whimsical, sturdy, and forever customizable from one party to the next. Build your own, decorate it with your host’s name, finish the presentation with a nice cheese or simple dessert (labeled, of course, because that’s the fun part), and enjoy seeing it in use the next time you’re invited back.

Made with a Mason

The trope about Pinterest being full of salads in Mason jars has some truth to it, sure, but these classic containers can hold so much more than mixed greens or jam. If you look at them as a reusable gift holder, you’ll find countless ways to celebrate the host who loves everything from tea to tee time. Blogger DIY Joy is full of great ideas to get you rolling. Mason jars also make beautiful planters in a pinch.

Go Au Naturale

The rustic, beachy aesthetic of natural materials, such as sisal, jute, and cotton rope, is as versatile as it is trendy. It’s also an easy start for neutral-colored DIY gifts such as coasters, trivets, or place mats — most of which just amount to the same weaving concepts for projects of different sizes. Photos from Pinterest user Flax & Twine offer a step-by-step guide for a handmade twisted trivet that will impress recipients without making you even break a sweat.

Best in Baskets

The best things about a basket? It’s a gift meant to hold another gift, and it’s infinitely reusable. Most handmade baskets take time to construct — in other words, don’t ever make your first one on the same day you want to give it to someone — but with basic crochet concepts like these from My Merry Messy Life, even a beginner can get some useful ideas. Stock your new vessel with anything you’d like: a potted plant, a good baguette, fragrant soap, or something else you’ve made with your own two hands.

Wow your next party host or hostess with a gift that will show off your thoughtful and creative side all at the same time.

Seeking party inspiration of your own? See Texas Heritage for Living’s Secrets of a Great Hostess page on Pinterest. And before you host a shindig at home, take a few minutes to learn about holiday party liability. Have fun!

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