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4 Great Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

By Emily Farris 8.30.13

Labor Day is all about celebrating the people who work, which for most of us means taking a break from the stresses of the office for a day and relaxing with our loved ones.

These family friendly celebrations are sure ways to have a completely stress-free Labor Day.

Host a cookout

What better way to spend Labor Day than a classic cookout with friends and family? A backyard barbecue offers everyone a chance to get together and catch up while enjoying some delicious grub.  Plus, it’s the perfect event for the whole neighborhood or family to attend.

Visit the beach

A long weekend is just enough time for a little family getaway. Kids love to play in the water and sand, and it gives you the chance to relax on the beach under a big, shady umbrella.

Have an at-home do-nothing day

Make time for yourself and your family. Just curl up with a good book, spend the day planting in your garden, pull out the board games, or just have a movie marathon and spend the day stretched out on the couch.  Make a pact with all family members to do nothing but relax and spend the day together. You’ll find yourself relaxed and ready to face the world again on Tuesday.

Go to a parade

Many cities host free Labor Day parades and firework shows. These fun festivities are a great excuse to get out of the house and celebrate with your closest friends and family.