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4 Reclaimed Wood Projects to Try This Summer

By Kristy Alpert 7.21.15

An undeniable sense of satisfaction comes from uncovering the true beauty of a piece of wood. Once reserved for skilled craftspeople and creative carpenters, working with reclaimed wood has become an attainable art form for any armchair carpenter, thanks to an abundance of online resources and tutorials. Reclaimed wood can be found anywhere — from your own backyard (that old tree stump or logs found in the nearby creek) to a salvage yard, or even an unused/unwanted pallet from a local gas station. From turning a ramshackle fence into a set of rustic floating shelves to giving new life to old barn wood, reclaim your inner DIYer this summer with these inspiring reclaimed wood projects.

  • Rustic Log Pillar Candleholders: These woodsy candleholders from PrettyHandyGirl.com can be made in minutes and make for great centerpieces or decorative accents throughout your home.
  • Reclaimed Wood Wall: HomeTalk.com gives a great tutorial for how to make an accent wall out of reclaimed barn wood or even just painted pallets for a dramatic addition to any room.
  • Floating Storage Shelves: NotJustAHouseWife.net made the most of her office space by creating these floating storage shelves out of felled fence posts.
  • Rustic Chic Kitchen Island: It’s not only genius, but it’s incredibly ironic how BeachBumLivin turned found driftwood into an island … a kitchen island. BeachBumLivin has made it even easier: Check out a step-by-step video tutorial on its YouTube channel.

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