Texas Living

A Texas Twist On Holiday Traditions

By Augusta Neal 12.9.14

It’s a beautiful thing to watch the way people come together around Christmas. It’s a season of spending more time with family, creating memories, and fulfilling traditions all for the sake of “getting into the spirit.”

But as Texans, we like to put our own “twang” on things, and holidays are no exception. Take a different approach to your traditions this year with these fun ideas.

1. Kick the stockings. Instead of hanging stockings by the fireplace, set out a cowboy boot for each family member. Take it up a notch by adding Christmas embellishments to your boots or even painting them red and green.
2. Surprise Santa. Leave a Southern treat for the man in red this year: pralines. Put a festive spin on it by cooking your own red pralines and serving them with green milk. Just be sure to add food coloring to your ever-growing shopping list.
3. Trade out toppers. Ditch the classic star or angel, and put a Texified topper on your tree. Our favorites: cowboy hat with a red leather strap, this Lone Star topper, or this DIY paper star spray painted the colors of our flag.
4. Weave a new wreath. Up your door game this Christmas with something from our own backyard — cotton! A cotton wreath immediately stands out among a neighborhood of pine needles/bulb door dressings.
5. Butter it better. Your family will love a favorite restaurant staple served at home. This copycat version of Texas Roadhouse’s delicious cinnamon butter is the perfect addition to your Christmas morning breakfast. You could even scoop it into small, decorative jars to give as gifts!

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