Texas Living

A Year of New Beginnings

By Mary O. Parker 12.28.15

Winter weather keeping you indoors? Kick-start your spring cleaning regimen now and ring in 2016 clutter-free!

Use these room-to-room tips to kick off your New Year with a fresh start:


  • Comb through cupboards asking, “When did I last use this?” If it’s been a while, give it to charity. “Over a year ago” items go, too — unless they play a part in your annual celebrations.
  • To maintain momentum, put charity items straight into a box. The minute the box fills, put it in your car trunk. Out of sight, out of mind!


  • The bathroom’s another room that often harbors items we rarely — if ever — use. From beauty samples to surplus shower supplies, dig through drawers to find and discard them.
  • Also lookout for the old and outdated. With time, cosmetics breed bacteria and most medications have an expiration date.


  • Nightstands tend to invite clutter. If yours have drawers, insert a divider and assign a slot to your glasses, TV remote, pocket contents, and whatever else you keep by your side.
  • No drawers? No problem! Decorative baskets and boxes provide other great organization and storage options.

Living and family room

  • Provide big baskets for big items such as pillows and blankets your family uses while watching TV. Label another basket for collecting items that belong in other rooms.
  • Do your kids’ toys seem to collect in the den? Institute a “cart and carry” policy whereby all toys are returned “home” each night via laundry basket.


  • Most Texas homes lack basements, so our garages get used a lot for storage. Institute “a place for everything, and everything in its place” rule to make sure “limbo” items get a permanent home (or donated!), instead of cluttering your space.
  • Wouldn’t you rather use your garage for your car? If so, allocate garage space only after giving your car its fair share. Open doors, access the trunk, act out removing groceries and checking the oil to determine how much room you and your car really

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