Texas Living

Deck the Halls Without Breaking the Bank

By Georgia Fisher 12.7.15

You don’t need much holiday jingle to decorate your home like a pro. These budget-sparing tips can unlock a simple, chic design that celebrates the seasonal spirit.

  • Get a clean start. If you’re already in a crowded space, stow everyday knickknacks and patio decor to make room for the holidays.
  • Leave a few nonseasonal items that already fit the space. Small mirrors look great near candlelight, for instance, or peeking out from behind the branches of a Christmas tree.
  • Showcase your best pieces and let the rest fall away. Your grandmother’s menorah or your grandfather’s toy train probably need no other doodads in their midst.
  • Making centerpieces and vignettes? Go monochromatic for a curated look.
  • Clip holiday cards to a string that’s flush against a wall. Stay streamlined; the cards themselves will be plenty busy (and pretty to boot).
  • Splurge on quality wrapping paper — no more than two or three patterns — and big, reinforced bows for a window-shop look.
  • Drop the kitsch inside and out, unless it’s of sentimental value. The cartoon welcome mats and toilet-paper cozies aren’t decorator approved. Sorry.
  • Outside, try hanging white lights only, and trimming just a few exterior lines of your home. The effect is clean, lovely, and looks expensive.
  • Forget live trees and wreaths, as they’re costly and cumbersome. High-end artificial versions last for years and look just as nice.
  • Devote most of your budget to pieces that will look sharp after the holidays — plain pillar candles, for example, or table linens in solid colors. They can be colors that align with the holidays, so long as they’ll work year-round.

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