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Derby Day Party at Home

By Jillian Kring 4.10.23

In honor of the Kentucky Derby on May 6, bring the excitement home with a Derby day party. Make your own Derby hats and don your finest clothes for a themed day complete with DIY Derby-inspired games and classic Kentucky Derby fare, from an all-ages mint julep to pimento cheese sandwiches to mini pecan pies.


  • All-Ages Mint Julep. Is it really the Kentucky Derby without a mint julep? This version of the Derby classic is kid-friendly and perfect for your next event.
  • Lemonade. There’s nothing more refreshing than homemade lemonade.
  • Sweet Tea. This Southern beverage staple will fit in perfectly at your Kentucky Derby day party.

Party Food

DIY Derby Games

  • DIY Horse Track. Make your own replica Kentucky Derby track and move your horses along it as they race. You can even use Monopoly money and place bets beforehand and choose a prize for the winner.
  • DIY Horseshoes. Engage in a little friendly competition with a game of DIY horseshoes.
  • DIY Kids’ Horse Race. Create a circular track outside and have your kids make their own pool noodle horse! Playing dress up with jockey uniforms would be an extra adorable touch!

Derby Day Fashion

  • DIY Derby Hats. Over-the-top hats are the most iconic tradition of the Kentucky Derby. Bring the fashion and the fun to your Derby day celebrations with this DIY Derby hat tutorial. Gather your supplies and get creative.
  • Get Fancy. Dress up in your Derby day finest! Think cocktail or formal attire. Bright colors, seersucker patterns, straw hats, linen jackets, and extravagant hats are the vibe.

Every party is better with a theme. Looking for more reasons to celebrate? See our guide to hosting your own DIY carnival.

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