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Four Easy Tips for Campfire Safety

By James Mayfield 5.7.14

There are endless advantages to living in the Lone Star State, especially if you love the great outdoors. This time of year is when folks are flocking like geese to the 13 national parks and hundreds of other camping sites across Texas to enjoy nature and — at the end of the day — cozy up with the kids around a fire. That said, the leading cause of camping injuries to children in America is uncontrolled flames, which are also the main cause of damaging forest fires.

With this in mind, here are a few campfire safety tips worth remembering to keep you and your children safe on your next outdoor outing.


Make sure you build your campfire in a pit away from any dry brush or hanging limbs that might catch fire. Put rocks around the pit area, and clear a five-foot circle of dirt or sand beyond the rocks in case any sparks pop out of the fire.


Tell children not to cross that surrounding rock/dirt area of the fire, and only allow adults to add wood. Store extra wood upwind and far away from the pit. Never leave the fire unattended.

Extinguishing agents

Keep a few buckets of water — or a fire extinguisher and a shovel — nearby in case of emergency.


Teach children at the campsite about the “stop, drop, and roll” procedure, in case an accident occurs or their clothing catches on fire.

Pack away these tips, and follow the advice of the friendly, big-hatted cartoon bear and his famous saying — “Only you can prevent forest fires” — and your family should have a safe, fun-filled campout.

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