Texas Living

Sidewalk Safety for Halloween


By Jennifer Norris

Halloween night is a fun time for every neighborhood. Kids line the sidewalks and streets in packs, passing from house to house, reminding everyone about the joys of the community they live in. Parents are sure to have completed a laundry list of tips to keep their trick-or-treating outing with their little ones safe. But you, the homeowner, can do your part too. Here are some chores to check off your list when getting ready to meet and greet your neighborhood’s little trick-or-treaters.

Halloween safety tips for passing out candy

1. Clear the path. In the dark of a spooky night, stored items in your driveway or on your porch can cause visitors to trip. Remove non-Halloween lawn decorations, toys, and tools and roll up garden hoses. Clear the sidewalk of any litter.

2. Light the way. A porch light means open for business, but also think about lighting the walkway up to your door with outdoor LED path lights. You can use decorations, like jack-o-lanterns lit with fake candles, or a string of lights.

3. Be in plain sight. If your front door is tucked away, think about setting up on your front porch or setting up chairs in your front yard or driveway. You want to make sure trick-or-treaters feel safe.

4. Pick the right decorations. Avoid candles and clutter. Plug-in lanterns are safer, but don’t overload your outdoor power outlet.

5. Lock up your pets. Your dog is probably friendly and will want to greet every visitor. But not only can a constant stream of visitors stress your pet, it can also stress trick-or-treaters who aren’t comfortable around animals.

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