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Ice Cream Float Your Way Through Summer

By Celia Bryan-Brown 5.28.18

The ice cream float is a classic symbol of summertime in America and hands-down the best way to cool off in the heat of the Texas sun.

It is so universally loved, it’s no wonder there are several people who claim to have invented it. Generally, it’s accepted that Robert M. Green came up with the float in 1874 by happy accident when he ran out of cream and had to replace it with ice cream. Thank goodness he did!

There’s nothing like the classic root beer float with loads of vanilla ice cream — but don’t stop there. Try mixing and matching flavors at a make-your-own-float bar at your next summertime gathering.

American Classics

Apple Pie Float: Ever wished you could have your apple pie and drink it too? With this float, you can. Scoop vanilla bean ice cream into sparkling apple cider and drizzle with caramel sauce for a decadent dessert in a glass.

Pecan Pie Float: Can’t wait for pecan season? Get an early taste with this nutty combination. Pair fiery ginger ale with a scoop each of butter pecan and vanilla ice cream, and pile on pecan brittle.

Mix It Up

Not-so-Classic Creamsicle: They may be called ice-cream floats, but there’s nothing to stop you from using ice cream alternatives. Try orange sorbet with cream soda for a back-to-front take on the classic Creamsicle.

Coconut Low-Cal: Swap out ice cream for frozen yogurt for a lighter version that’s still packed with flavor. Try rose lemonade with raspberry frozen yogurt and sprinkle with toasted coconut flakes.

ice cream float

Homemade Sodas

Rosy Rhubarb Float: While it’s perfectly fine to use store-bought, there’s something about a homemade soda that keeps people coming back for more. Combine a simple rhubarb syrup with a few drops of rosewater and soda water and pair with vanilla ice cream.

Peach Tea Float: Iced tea is the one thing that gets us all through the heat of summer — so turning it into a float is a no-brainer. Blend with peaches and vanilla and pour over coconut ice cream.

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