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Keeping Your Cool This Summer

By Kristy Alpert 7.21.14

This time of year, outdoor options soar almost as quickly as the temperatures in Texas. With summer sports in full swing and backyards almost begging for some barbecue action, it can be easy to over do it. Whether you’re heading out to the ballgame or heading offshore for a day on the lake, stay cool this summer with these five chilled-out products.

Beat the Texas heat:

1. Chill towels. These 100 percent cotton cool cloths don’t require any freezing before taking you instantly from roasted to refreshed. Each pre-moistened towel comes sealed in an all-natural cooling solution that starts to work the first time you open the re-sealable package.

2. Personal fan. The sleek and stylish breezy handheld bladeless fan from Viatek is one sure way to stay cool. The bladeless technology delivers a seamless stream of cool air without the nasty noise and potential hazards that generally come along with a blade, making it perfect for any summer excursion.

3. Cool hat. The Omni-Freeze ZERO Ballcap III by Columbia comes in cool styles for both men and women, but the UPF 50 fabrication keeps everyone feeling cool with its lightweight material and wicking, cooling sweatband that lowers the material’s temperature against the skin.

4. Breezy chair. Nothing’s worse than a heated hiney when you want to look and feel cool on the sidelines. That’s why the Stansport Apex Double Chair is perfect for a sweltering Texas summer. This chair has two cup holders for cold beverages, seats two-in-one to eliminate multiple trips to-and-from the car, and features a mesh backrest for maximum ventilation.

5. Cooling mist. Neutrogena’s Fresh Cooling body mist sunscreen does more than just protect your skin from harsh UVA/UVB with layers of SPF 70, it also features Helioplex® technology that cools and instantly refreshes the body as it sprays continuously to coat your skin.

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