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Our Best Tips for Canine Safety

By Callie Leahy 8.25.15

They don’t call dogs a man’s best friend for nothing. Your four-legged friend means the world to you, and you’d do anything to keep his tail wagging year-round. To help you maintain your dog’s health and happiness, we’ve rounded up our top tips on pet care and safety — and even a few on how to be a good human.

  • Leash your dog at all times when outside. Even in rural parts of the state, you can find leash laws and prohibitions on allowing animals to roam freely.
  • Be a student of your dog. Watch for signs of your dog’s anxiety or apprehension, and either avoid situations that cause this behavior or ease your dog into them slowly.
  • Vacuum weekly, paying particular attention to the areas underneath beds and furniture, behind curtains, and along hallways.
  • Avoid the areas where fleas typically reside. This includes tall grass and shaded areas such as under trees and bushes, in doghouses, and under porches and decks.
  • Spay or neuter your dog. Dogs are three times more likely to bite if not “fixed”.
  • Keep liability at bay by teaching dog safety. Remind your friends, family members, and young children to always:
    • Approach a dog slowly and from where it can see you
    • Ask permission to pet someone else’s dog
    • Report dog bites or unusual canine behavior to an adult right away
    • Avoid approaching stray dogs
    • Pet dogs gently
    • And most important, always let a dog that doesn’t know you sniff your hand before trying to pet it

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