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Painting Choices that Improve Home Values

By Christine Perez 2.19.13

Are you looking to add value to your home and appeal to your living spaces? Or maybe you’re just in the mood for something new? One quick and easy fix is to give the interior walls of your home a fresh coat of paint.

It’s also one of the least expensive do-it-yourself projects; depending on the size of the room, it can cost as little as $100 or $150 for the paint, brushes, rollers, and other supplies. Whether you tackle the job on your own, or hire professional painters, the cost is easily recouped through increased home value.

Color selection is a critical decision. Home renovation guru Bob Vila recommends starting by examining the room — the type and hue of the flooring, architectural features or focal points you wish to highlight, and any problem areas you want to downplay.

How lighting affects paint color

Lighting is another critical factor: Cooler lighting brings out blues and greens, while incandescent light brings out reds and warm tones.

Here are additional tips for painting that increases the value of your home:

  • If you’re painting to position your home for sale, beiges and yellows will add warmth and offer broad appeal. Avoid white, which is not a neutral color but a bright color, and tends to make a room feel stark and cold.
  • Consider how the colors will work together, room to room, and keep things in the same palette. Painting several connecting rooms in the same shade can add unity and help your home look less “choppy.”
  • Use light colors in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, to add depth and make them feel larger.
  • Avoid bold colors in bedrooms; they should be sanctuaries that encourage sleep. Instead, consider tranquil blues, greens, and violets.
  • The kitchen is one area where you can go bright —“food colors” like oranges, reds, and yellows work especially well.
  • Warmer hues work well in the home office. Deep blues, browns, greens, and cinnamons can add a sense of richness and set a serious tone for business.

One last thing: Don’t forget the ceiling, moldings, and other trim. A fresh coat of white or other offsetting color will enhance the look of your new paint job even more.