Texas Living

Rustic Revival

By Sarah Reiss 11.26.14

Burlap, the utilitarian textile of yesteryear, is finally having its moment in the designer spotlight. Rough and rustic, this unassuming cloth makes an ideal vehicle for low-cost, high-impact decor. Try these simple tricks to bring linen’s country cousin into your home:

  • Hurricane lanterns and mason jars become chic tabletop accessories when wrapped in burlap and stenciled with French numbers or meaningful bon mots. Add a border of vintage ribbon and drop in a flameless candle for a flickering glow.
  • Create an eye-catching earring display by fitting a funky frame with a piece of foam core wrapped in burlap. Poke earring hooks through the burlap for easy (and pretty) access.
  • Did you know you can use your inkjet printer to create custom printed textiles? Simply adhere a letter-size piece of freezer paper to the back of a piece of burlap. Trim the burlap to size and run it through your printer as you would paper. Peel the freezer paper off and, voila, instant custom fabric!
  • Stencil a fun geometric design onto a piece of wide-bolt burlap to create a one-of-a-kind, outdoor-friendly area rug. Get fancy by dying the burlap first, using clear silicone caulk around the edges to prevent fraying and adding a piece of nylon mesh backing for stability.
  • For the holidays, make tabletop Christmas trees by wrapping wide, green, burlap ribbon in a spiral pattern around craft-store foam cones. For the base, drill a hole in a piece of wood and secure a backyard twig upright using clear caulk or glue.

With a few simple variations, you can create everything from curtains to stenciled pillow covers. So forget your old notions of this casual charmer; today’s burlap conveys casual chic, is easy on the wallet, and the style is anything but ordinary.

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