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The Best Birding in Texas

By Callie Leahy 8.11.14

What do a surf scoter, anhinga, and a double-striped thick-knee have in common? No, we’re not speaking in gibberish; these are actual names of birds that inhabit the Lone Star State. This fall, grab your binoculars and look to the trees for some good, old-fashioned bird watching. We bring you the best birding spots across Texas, bird-watching events, tips, and activities for kids!

Basics of Birding

Bird watching or “birding” is an excellent pastime for families and individuals alike. Whether you’re on vacation, picnicking in a state park, or just checking out the local birds while in your garden — birding is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors.

Getting Started

To get you started, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website for introductory birding events and activities across the state. From Birding 101 with tips on using binoculars and how to spot Texas birds, to weekly guided bird walks around some of the most scenic state parks in the south, TPWD has an event for birds of every age!

Tips and Resources 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife features a complete list of the best birding spots in Texas state parks by region, including Davis Mountains State Park in Big Bend country and the Resaca de la Palma section of the World Birding Center in the south Texas plains. You can also find the best birding blinds separated by state park.

Another great resource for starting your birding hobby is the Texas Parks and Wildlife “A Checklist of Texas Birds.” It’s an entire list of common and rare birds grouped by family that you can spot within the borders of the Lone Star State. The checklist also includes a chronolog and notes section for documenting where and when you spotted those “bucket-list birds.”

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