Texas Living

Treasures from the Shore

By Lisa Martin 3.16.15

Heading seaside this spring break for a beachy-keen vacation? Don your sunscreen, grab a towel, and don’t forget to bring a bucket. Once you’re back home, you can use seashells, driftwood, and even sand collected from the 3,359 miles of Texas’ tidal shoreline to decorate your home, resulting in some especially meaningful souvenirs from your family’s getaway.

Displaying Your Treasures

Scored a fabulous conch shell, sand dollar, or sculptural-looking length of driftwood? Use it as a stand-alone object of interest to bedeck bookshelves, mantels, or to serve as a paperweight on your desk.

If you have accumulated a bunch of smaller shells — like murex so common in Galveston or the sea beans that stud Padre Island — put them in an inexpensive glass jar. A scoop or two of sand provides nice grounding along with a textural touch. Speaking of sand, sprinkle some into a hurricane lantern’s base or nestle a pillar candle in a scoopful on a small plate or dish.

Get Crafty

Grab that hot glue gun and adorn picture frames, vases, or other vessels with these smaller gifts from the sea. Pam Rambo of the I Love Shelling website seeks out broken shells (the more colorful, the better) to turn into shell spheres.

“After making one of these Styrofoam balls encrusted with hot-glued Sanibel shells collected from vacation, it will be a memory for a lifetime,” she says.

Other ideas include stringing shells on twine or fishing line to hang on patios. The sound of the shells tinkling in the breeze will transport you back to your blissful days by the sea.