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Valentine’s Day Dates With a Texas Twist

By Brian Kendall 2.7.17

If you and your honey are looking for an out of the (chocolate) box Valentine’s Day, check out these delightful and spontaneous ideas that will enchant your Lone Star love on the most romantic day of the year!

Go to a Texas State Park

Few things are as romantic as lying under the stars with the one you love. So, if you’re the adventurous type (and so is your significant other), a beautiful Texas State Park is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Pack the tent and a couple of cold-rated sleeping bags, and head out for a day of hiking through Texas’ majestic wilderness.

Hit the Water

From scenic boat rides at sunset to romantic brunch dates aboard a two-person gondola (yes, even in Texas!), there are few things more spontaneous than a day on the water. Rumor has it, you have to kiss your date each time you pass under a bridge — for, you know, good luck.

Visit a Chocolatier

Skip the store-bought chocolate box this year and take your valentine for a behind-the-scenes tour of pure chocoholic decadence at a local chocolatier. When you arrive and the sweet scent of melted chocolate hits your valentine’s nose, they will officially swoon. And while boxes of chocolates always include flavors not everyone likes, a chocolate shop will give your valentine the ability to choose exactly what fits their fancy.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Suit up, cowboys and cowgirls! It’s time to grab your partner and do-si-do your way to the nearest two-stepping hot spot or honky-tonk for lessons from the locals. If you’re located near the Dallas-Fort Worth area, be sure to check out the world’s largest honky-tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas, for beginner country dancing lessons (classes available, check the website for more information) and country line dancing lessons every Thursday at 7 p.m.

Go to a Vintage Arcade

Going retro is never a bad idea. Take your valentine on a sweet trip to a vintage arcade, where the two of you can battle over the best Ms. Pacman score, go head-to-head in air hockey, or team up on Galaga. Whether your love likes video games or not, a Valentine’s Day spent in an old-fashioned arcade is one you’ll never forget.

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