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Winter prep for your home

By Paige Skinner 9.23.13

As the leaves being to fall off the trees, you begin to dig up warm sweaters and blankets to accommodate for the cold winter months. You may even buy marshmallows and hot chocolate to enjoy in front of a fire. But what you might not know is that your home requires special preparations for the cold weather months too.

While pipes, windows, and doors need to be protected from the harsh winter weather, other things in and around your home need attention as well.


Do you have a boat you enjoy during summer but soon forget about once October rolls around? Don’t let winter destroy any part of your precious water accessory. Be sure to clean out the entire boat; put life jackets in a place for them to air out and fill the boat’s tank with a fuel stabilizer. Also, spray the engine with oil to prevent rust from building up. This will help your boat stay ready for when lake time rolls around in May.

Lawn furniture

To ensure your lawn furniture is good to go for next summer, be sure to take care of it during the winter. For metal furniture, try applying a coat of automotive wax to protect it. For furniture with fabric on it, be sure to vacuum it before storing it away. Pillows, cushions, and table umbrellas all need to be cleaned and stored in a dry space for winter. Don’t let your outdoor furniture become moldy during the lower-weather months.


Freezing water in your pool can do major damage to it, so be sure not to let that happen. Make sure your pool’s pH balance is between 7.4 and 7.8, and clean your pool before putting a cover on it to prevent algae growth during the winter.

Don’t let winter creep up on you before you completely winterize your home.