Texas Travel

A History of Fun

By Emily Farris 10.14.13

The Texas Renaissance Festival has provided Texas residents with food, fun, and live entertainment for the last 38 years.

This year, the festival will continue making magic in its 55-acre theater in Todd Mission, Texas.


The Texas Renaissance Festival aims to re-create and embrace a range of eras dating back to the 16th century, and its entertainment helps transport its patrons back in time. The festival offers opportunities to see stage acts such as the Birds of Prey, Dance School and School of Sword, as well as musical acts like Saxon Man, Iris and Rose, and Cannibal Tudors. Path performers also roam the festival, entertaining guests between performances.

Artists and Merchants

Guests of the festival are able to visit the many artist and vendor booths. Where the wares range from clothes to glasswork, including things “for your castle” and “lotions and potions.” The festival also offers more than 90 food options that run the gamut from frozen drinks to jerky stations.

For the kids

The Texas Renaissance Festival is a great way to spend quality time with the whole family. There are lots of fun activities for children, including games and rides, shows and musical entertainment, shops, and weekly, themed contests. The festival also offers school days on November 5 and 6, when public and homeschooled kids are welcomed to experience the kid-friendly aspects of the festival.

The Texas Renaissance Festival runs on weekends from October 12 through December 1.  The festival consists of eight themed weekends, including Oktoberfest, All Hallows Eve, and more.

For more information on themed weekends, shops and services, the festival’s location and tickets, visit www.texrenfest.com