Texas Travel

Away We Go!

By James Mayfield 3.18.15

The mere thought of traveling with little ones can strike fear in even the most seasoned parents. But before you pack it in and opt for a staycation, make getting there part of the adventure.

• Start by choosing an optimal flight/travel time — you know when your children are at their best.

• Flying the not-so friendly skies? Instead of lugging a car seat through a busy airport, opt for a wheeled device, a fast and easy attachment that allows you to steer the car seat — and your child — safely through the crowd.

• Once onboard, take advantage of inflight entertainment including at-home favorites such as Disney and Cartoon Network. If that’s not an option, load a tablet with never-before-seen apps to keep youngsters amused — don’t forget a pair of sturdy, sanity-saving headphones. Either way, keep their favorite snacks — and spill-proof cups — handy.

• Opt for novelty in the form of new small toys, sticker books, a box of crayons, and coloring pages. Books with an activity as a central theme (think “Where’s Waldo?” and word searches) keep little minds busy.

• Before packing all that baby gear, check to see if your hotel offers the basics — cribs, swings, and playpens. Some even partner with companies that allow you to pre-order baby and toddler supplies, like diapers and wipes. If not, Google your destination plus “baby equipment rental” for a list of local options.

• Car riders can take advantage of rest stops along the way by bringing along a few fun surprises — bubbles, a small inflatable beach ball, and a kite won’t take up too much precious cargo space. Better yet, check out a local library, pet store, or park.