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Find Austin’s freshest grub at … trailers!

By Heather C. Levy 5.9.13

When in Austin, the reminder to “Keep Austin Weird” can easily apply to the city’s eclectic dining scene. True Austinites know some of the best, most affordable, and freshest food doesn’t necessarily come from a restaurant but rather on wheels.

There are more than a hundred food trucks, trailers, silver bullets, and wagons around town, and diners are willing to line up for these mobile meals on wheels.

Austin screenwriter Brandon Blake says, “What I really dig about the food trailers in Austin is not just the great variety of local grub, but the fact that many of them have been here for years. These are landmarks.”

Finding the Food Trucks

“Good trailers are a microcosm of what makes Austin weird and wonderful,” says Austin actor Robert Berry. From salty caramel cupcakes to fried fish tacos, this is the way to go if you want to eat like a true Austinite.

If you see a trailer doling out food, don’t be skeptical. Get in line! Before you can say “breakfast crepes,” you will run into a food cart somewhere. You can grab traditional fare, like hot dogs, tacos, and hamburgers, but there are a multitude of ethnic food carts. And don’t forget the dessert trucks!

“One can hear so many great stories from the guys slingin’ whatever hash they have to sell you,” says Berry. At one trailer, he spoke to a man who makes his own natural casing for hot dogs before dropping by a chicken and waffle stand and learning about the cook’s daughter’s art project. Each truck has its own colorful personality ― funky, elegant, hippie, or bare bones.

Serious Eats, a follower of Austin truck fare, named their top food trucks on South Congress Avenue. Here’s their suggested plan of attack: Hey!..You Gonna Eat or What? (Try the fried green tomato BLT.); David’s Lockhart Barbecue, and Crepes Mille. Visit austinfoodcarts.com for a complete index of where to find carts and what to expect when you get there.