14 Fun Family Summer Activities

DIY your way into the best summer ever with these 14 fun family activities.

Have A Blast

Summer’s favorite pastime is just around the corner. Up your camping game with these tips:

Fire Pit: There’s nothing like camping under a fireworks-lit sky with friends and family. Heat up the tradition and cook up some grub with your very own fire pit — all you need are a few materials, a bit of handiwork, and a great view of the Texas sky.

Glamping: Create a mini vacation with your family right in your own backyard with an imaginative glamping trip. Short for “glamorous camping,” a backyard glamping experience features indoor comfort with all the outdoor perks. So grab your glamping gear (and a bag of marshmallows) and head out back for a luxurious evening.

S’mores: We all love the traditional chocolate-graham cracker combo, but there’s always room for improvement. Your imagination is the sweet, sweet limit: Try cookies instead of graham crackers. Place your toasted marshmallow on a KitKat or Reese’s cup instead of a chocolate bar. Drizzle your s’more with salted caramel or peanut butter, or dust it with cinnamon sugar. You could even try adding a strip of bacon — it’s a mash-up made in heaven!

DIY All-Day Play

Get the whole family making memories and having fun with these creative summer activities.

Tree House: What kid doesn’t dream of their own castle, fort, or pirate ship? This summer could be the perfect time to make their dream come true. Find a stable tree, design your dream house, and get to work. Find out more at TexasHeritageForLiving.com/ TreeHouse.

Bean Bag Toss: Create your very own version of one of America’s favorite backyard games with just a few simple supplies and some family flair. Start assembling, designing, and tournamenting today.

Outdoor Games: Kids staying indoors on their devices rather than getting fresh air? Grab their attention and get them playing outdoors with DIY outdoor games they can help set up, like cornhole, ladder toss, kick the can, capture the flag, and more.

Dive-In Movie: After a long day of swimming and playing outside, a movie night is the perfect way to wind down. But why go inside when the weather is so nice? Create an outdoor screening experience from your pool with just a sheet and a projector.

Summer Treats
Natalie Goff

The Coolest Desserts

Cool off with these tasty frozen treats that are as delicious as they are easy to make.

Homemade Ice Cream: When your spoon scrapes the bottom of the Blue Bell container, don’t worry — making your own ice cream is super simple with just heavy whipping cream, condensed milk, and your favorite flavors! Let the kids use their imagination to make their own unique flavor or stick to the tried-and-true classics.

Ice Cream Floats: If ice cream alone doesn’t dazzle you, ice cream floats ought to! Root beer isn’t the only option for these summer classics: Recreate your favorite desserts in float form — even apple and pecan pies.

Retro Slushies: Bring back the nostalgia of summer slushies but with a healthy (and fancy) twist. Just prep the fruit, add ice and sparkling water, and get blending! Cool off with a classic watermelon-mint combo or entice your taste buds with a spicy pineapple-lime refresher.

Popsicles: If anything tastes like summertime, it’s popsicles. They’re fun to eat and even more fun to make, especially with delicious flavors like root beer float, frozen blueberry, and refreshing avocado. Don’t have popsicle molds? Make do with paper cups, tinfoil, and popsicle sticks.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Not every day of summer will have perfect weather, but don’t let the unbearable heat or storms put a damper on your day. Here are some ideas to keep the troops entertained when they’re confined indoors this summer.

Build a Fort: Gather some extra linens and let the kids take over the family room to build their own fort. Couch cushions, pillows, and chairs can serve as structural support so, when “construction” is finished, the family can gather inside for a board game or a bedtime story.

Arts and Crafts: Arts and crafts are a terrific way to keep kids entertained, stimulated, and in touch with their creative side. Kids will enjoy unique projects like water-balloon-splatter painting in the garage, slime-making in the kitchen, or finger-and-foot-painting on a giant canvas.

Party Games: Birthday or not, classic party games will keep kids occupied till the sun comes out (or cools down). Organize an afternoon of hide- and-seek, freeze tag, sardines, Simon Says, Twister, hot potato, or  musical chairs.

Summer Swimming Safety

Just Keep Swimming

On the first boiling-hot summer day, all you can think about is diving into your cool, refreshing pool — and then you realize there are leaves and gunk all over. Gross. Prepare for the first pool days of summer by cleaning and maintaining your pool and checking your safety precautions:

  • Clear out the debris and make sure the water isn’t contaminated.
  • Test for safe chlorine, pH, and alkaline levels.
  • Inspect your drain cover to ensure it’s in prime condition, so you can avoid the rare but serious dangers of the drain’s vacuum effect.
  • Keep all walking areas around the pool clear of any clutter and tripping hazards.

Lastly, keep these common, often-forgotten safety tips in mind:

  • Children should be supervised at all times, and no one should swim alone.
  • Never swim during rain or thunderstorms.
  • Do not store pool floats and toys in the water.
  • Keep electrical devices away from the pool.
  • Always have a safety and first-aid kid nearby.

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy a hot summer day at the pool! Check out our full guide to pool safety here.

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