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6 Meteorological Myth Busters You Need to Know

By Haley Shapley 4.18.16

Just in time for springtime storms, we’re taking a look at common weather myths — protect yourself with the facts to help your family stay safe through adverse conditions.

Myth: Lightning doesn’t strike twice.
Unfortunately, it’s quite possible for lightning to strike twice, even in the same storm, so don’t think that a location is safe just because it’s already been hit.

Myth: Tape your windows shut when preparing for a hurricane.
Tape isn’t going to be any match for the wind. If your windows shatter, tape can make the glass shards larger and therefore more dangerous. Try hurricane shutters or plywood instead.

Myth: A highway overpass is a safe spot during a tornado.
Tornado winds only intensify when forced through narrow spaces. That means you’re at a greater risk for being hit by fast-moving flying debris, and you could even be carried away by the winds.

Myth: Heavy vehicles such as SUVs are safe to drive through floodwaters.
It only takes 2 feet of water to float most vehicles. If the water is moving fast enough, it can sweep away any car or truck, regardless of weight.

Myth: Green skies indicate hail in thunderstorms.
Although a green hue can indicate severe weather, scientists have found that cloud color is likely caused by liquid content in the air combined with the time of day. It’s not an accurate predictor.

Myth: Storms are the biggest weather-related occurrences to worry about.
Extreme temperatures cause more weather-related deaths than any storm. So just as you would take a storm seriously, make sure you’re prepared when the thermostat swings to blisteringly hot or chillingly cold.

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