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Ready Your Home for Old Man Winter

By Paula Felps 10.19.15

Fall is here, which means it’s time for pumpkins and colored leaves and hot apple cider. But it’s also time to start looking at what needs to be done around the house to make sure you’re ready for the cold, wet weather coming in the near future.

Use these tips to get your home in tip-top shape for fall:

Get your mind on your gutters. Cleaning out your gutters every fall and spring is an important part of home maintenance and can prevent costly repairs and problems down the road.

Prep your pipes. Do this before an early freeze takes you by surprise. Make sure you’ve put away garden hoses, and drain water out of pipes. If you leave town, shut off the water supply valve.

Check your backyard swimming pool. Before the weather cools, drain the water and filter, disconnect the heater, clean it, and install a childproof cover. (Use a local pool expert to determine how much winterization is required in your area, as needs vary based on climate.)

Move the outside in. Lawn furniture gets a break in winter. Make your items last longer by cleaning pillows, cushions, and umbrellas before storing them in a dry area. Also move wooden, metal, and wicker pieces into a protected area, such as a garage or storage shed.

Taking the time to prep your home before harsh winter temperatures hit can ensure a cozy, stress-free winter.

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